The one. The only. The fiddle-leaf fig.

You know it, you love it, it’s the fiddle-leaf fig. Even if you didn’t know it was called a fiddle-leaf fig, I’m sure you’ve seen it on magazine covers, on social media, and in every Fixer Upper reveal.

It took me some time to jump in with the trend and buy one, but it quickly became one of my favorite plants for a few reasons…

  1. The fiddle-leaf fig isn’t as demanding with light as other popular houseplants like succulents and cacti. While it does want to be in a bright room, it doesn’t like direct sunbeams on its leaves which means it won’t be crowding up your windowsill.
  2. It tells you what it needs. The big leaves of the fiddle fig are expressive and it’s easy to notice when they aren’t standing as tall as they were a few days ago.
  3. It’s big! Not only can it grow to an overall large size but the leaves bring this dramatic, chunky, big texture even if your plant is desktop size. And as for growth rate, mine was in a 6″ pot and maybe 8″ tall when I got it 14ish months ago and it’s now in an 8″ pot and about 18″ tall – not bad in my opinion.

Have I convinced you to go for it and get one of your own? Read over these tips to make sure you set yourself and your fig up for success.

  • Plant with drainage! This is non-negotiable for long-term success. Check out my post on container choice for more information.
  • Get your fig accustomed to a drench and dry watering schedule.
  • Try to find a good place for your fig and leave it there, they are homebodies.

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