Welcoming a New Plant Into Your Home

I take bringing a new plant into my house pretty seriously. I once brought a mimosa home and was so excited that I even found one in the first place that I immediately set it on the shelf next to the rest of my plants. Fast forward to about a month later and I had lost the mimosa and a huge chunk of my collection to spider mites. Ever since, I made this whole routine that I go through with any new addition and it has served me super well.

Below is a video of that routine. It shows what I do every time I bring home a new plant to make sure that my new and old plants stay happy and healthy.

If videos aren’t your thing, here’s a very summarized overview of what I do with each new plant.

  1. Wipe down the leaves with a microfiber cloth and distilled water.
  2. “Comb out” the roots if the plant is root bound.
  3. Place the plant back into its final container. Fill in the bottom with soil if necessary and add some Systemic House Plant Insect Control 8 Oz. while you’re at it, mixing it in with a pencil or something similar.
  4. Fill in the sides and top with soil if necessary and then add more Systemic House Plant Insect Control 8 the finished surface of the soil and mix in as best you can with a pencil.
  5. Give the plant a heavy drink of water.
  6. Prune off any dead or sad-looking leaves, flowers, etc.
  7. Place your new friend in a place with appropriate sunlight.

Along with this routine, give each new plant you consider buying a good once over with your eyes. Most pests can be seen when you look a little closer. Check both sides of the leaves, especially new growth, and give it a little shake to see if any bugs are roused up into the air from the plant or the soil. And for the love of all that is good in this world, do not take home any plants with spider mites.

Happy planting!

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