Oat + Fruit Bowl

    I love breakfast foods like waffles and omelets. But most days call for something quicker, and we’ve all seen the unfortunate “fast” breakfast options out there. When prepping for my wedding back in 2016, I tried to find a daily breakfast recipe that was fast, healthy, and kept my hunger at bay until lunch. Keeping me full was a big requirement because I’m basically a child and cannot function when hungry. After looking at a bunch of different recipes, I came up with this oat + fruit bowl that I ate most mornings. Not only did it curb mid-morning snacking and help me lean up a bit, but it kept…


    Use Those Herbs: Basil Lemonade

    Basil lemonade, lavender and rosemary ice cream, and rose lassi are all herb-infused treats that are way at the top of my list of favorite things. Maybe it’s because they are sweet and refreshing. More likely it’s because they all taste like what I wish soap tasted like. Either way, I love sweets with an herbaceous twist. If you come here from seeing any of my Herb Garden 2019 content, that’s great! I hope you will plant your own herb garden, big or small, so that you can make this recipe, and others, with your very own supply. To kick of my “Use Those Herbs” series of recipes I’ll start…


    Herb Garden 2019

    Herbs, herbs, herbs. I love them, but I loathe spending $2-3 on a sprig of rosemary or, heaven forbid, buying an entire $6 basil plant from the produce section out sheer pesto desperation. Which is why planting and using my very own herb garden is my favorite! Not only does it save me a chunk of change but it combines two of my top hobbies: eating and gardening. THIS YEAR’S LINEUP Cilantro Lemon Thyme Italian Parsley Rosemary Basil Lavender The cilantro, parsley, rosemary, and basil are kitchen favorites while the thyme and lavender are something I’m hoping to experiment with. Lemon thyme is supposedly a natural mosquito repellent and I…


    Chinese Money Plant, does it live up to the hype?

    About four months ago I bought a Chinese Money Plant, AKA Pilea, for a family member for Christmas. I am typically slow to jump on the “trendy” plant train, so this was my first time buying pilea. To my annoyance, my local greenhouse only had one size and one price – 6″ pot for $38. I have never paid that much for a plant that size. So I picked it up and carried it around the greenhouse with me to think about it. Then I spoke to a greenhouse worker about it, and she told me that as long as I picked a plant with a lot of pups that…


    3 Steps to Begin Cutting Out Animal Products

    Cutting out animal products has been a lengthy and slow journey that I am still on! I’ve never been a cold turkey person, I see success with sustainable baby steps. The following are three steps I have taken (and continue to take) to help me on my way. 1. Stop Buying Meat at the Grocery Store Don’t throw out the meat you have in the freezer or whatever – that’s wasteful – but just stop buying it and see what happens when you run out. Forcing yourself to think outside the chicken breast will be hard at first, but I promise you can figure it out. If this seems too…


    Netherlands Trip 2018

    This week’s plant post is a little different than usual. My husband and I went on a trip to the Netherlands for two weeks last May and I just recently edited my footage from that trip into a short video! Because of my love for plants, we saw a lot them. Keukenhof, Hortus Amsterdam, and Castle de Haar, were just a few of the amazing places we visited with amazing plants and landscaping. While editing the video it made me realize that wow I need to be a better cameraman and wow I didn’t even film everything, so sorry for my amateur cinematography. But I hope you enjoy and get…


    Mom’s Homemade Breadsticks

    I love bread. I eat bread. Sometimes I dream about diving into a pool like Scrooge McDuck, but instead of gold coins, the pool is full of baguettes. So, for all of you out there who laugh in the face of carbs like me, I’ve got something great for you: my mom’s homemade breadsticks! The recipe yields amazing breadsticks that are soft, delicious, simple and easy to make vegan.


    THE BEST Vegetarian Tikka Masala

    So here’s the thing. I have another post that features a recipe for Vegan Tofu Tikka Masala, but I had to share this non-vegan, just vegetarian recipe for a couple of reasons… It’s the closest I’ve ever gotten to making masala that tastes like my favorite restaurant – Bombay House in Salt Lake. It is truly the best vegetarian tikka masala I’ve ever made myself. I served it at a family get-together last weekend and had two requests for the recipe. Those requests came from non-vegetarian family members. Crockpot meals are amazing when you are cooking for lots of people. I am totally that person who is still cooking when…


    5 Easy Plants That Will Turn Your Black Thumb Green

    My about page states that “Black thumbs and bad diets are just green thumbs and better diets waiting to happen.” and I really do believe it! Have you ever called yourself a black thumb? If so, why? Is it because you have killed a few plants? Well I have great news. Killing a few plants doesn’t make you a black thumb. If that was the case, I wouldn’t own any plants, let alone be writing a blog about plants. I guarantee I have killed more plants that most people, but the difference between me and the black thumbs of the world is that I just kept bringing home plants even after failure. Now, obviously some…


    Vegan Valentine’s Day Dessert

    This Valentine’s Day my sweetheart was out of town for work. So what did I do? I made myself a tiny chocolate cake! This little number is two small stacked cakes with whipped cream in between, frosted all over, and topped with raspberries. It’s basically all of my favorite foods in one cake. One of the best parts is that you can choose what size your cakes are and how many you get out of each batch by the size of cutter you choose. My cutter is 4″ so I just got one small finished cake, but the finished product was sizeable enough to be a dessert for two. Here…